Why would I be Afraid to be Me?

Recently there was a topic that I wanted to talk about. However, I didn’t want to blog about it. It took me a few days to come up with the decision on if I was going to go live on social media about this topic. This would have been my first live video. I was thinking about the topic and how people would perceive me. I didn’t want to affect my brand or my business, because of this topic or how I may express my feelings. You can’t give what people would think of me too much power. So, for about three days I sat on the topics and the way I should say things played in my head several times.

Why was I afraid?

Honestly, I was scared to be who I am because I didn’t want it to affect my business. This topic would have shown so much transparency that it would have been crazy. I was dealing with mixed feelings. So, I could have come from a voice of pain, irritation, anger, or defeat. Either way, it goes I could have reverted to my ratchet, aggressive, and emotional ways. I didn’t want anyone to see that version of me.

What did you do?

I went to other influencers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers pages on social media and listened to their lives, videos they may have posted, or their podcast. And I realized that these people seem so comfortable being their authentic self. They were successful and they didn’t hold back who they were. I knew then that I had to do it. I had to go on live and speak my mind no matter how someone else would feel.

The message:

Always be yourself! Stop caring so much about what people would think. Start wondering if I don’t do or say this, the audience that it was meant for will never receive it. I could have blessed someone with that topic. I realized that everyone isn’t going to like me!  Also, trying to please everyone isn’t going to work. The people that like me will be the ones to support me. So be yourself and show the full you. I can’t just show that I’m inspirational and not show the emotional/play with me if you want to side of me. My audience must know that my feelings get hurt to or I can be ratchet at sometimes. Although, those aren’t the only components that makeup of me.

I went on life and I spoke. The topics were letting go and seeing the positive in the situation, how to overcome what people may think, and me just speaking into existence what I want in life. I honestly had fun and received some good feedback. Imagine if I didn’t go live and speak on these topics, it would of still be on my chest waiting to be released some way somehow. Trust, you will gain so much more being you.

2 Replies to “Why would I be Afraid to be Me?

  1. I agree! Sometimes I hold back from saying certain things because I’m scared of what other people would think about me; but every single time I’ve expressed myself, I’ve received positive feedback and inspired other as well. It’s a good feeling when you finally get everything off your chest and I’m glad you were able to do that! I know I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but people will appreciate me for being honest. Great post!

  2. This was awesome… We can’t always hold back how we feel to save someone else’s feelings.. it’s good to get it out and sometimes that could be the turning point in a situation… I’m glad you weren’t afraid to be you..??

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