What Happens When You Find Yourself On A Detour?

Over the weekend I took a trip to Chicago. Before this trip, my life had been stressful. There were issues at work that I had to deal with, there was some arguing among so-called friends and stress from issues I’ve been learning how to let go of. As I jumped on the highway I said a prayer. After about two hours on the road, the stress and anxiety began to leave my body. I was cruising so much that I missed the exit to Tomah. I began to curse myself out because I had taken this route so many times and missed the exit. How?

See my prayers were working. Why?

This trip showed me what it means to take a detour. No matter what path you on, sometimes God sends you another way. Not just because he wants to protect you, but also because God is teaching you to have faith in him, and He is showing you another way of life. See the road is a therapy that not only helps me clear my mind but it also gives me time to put things into perspective. My mind could articulate why things were happening in my life, how I can handle them, and the steps I need to take to fully love myself.

During my time on the road, I realized that I had a destination. No matter the detours or missed exits, I knew I was going somewhere. I watched as I passed so many different trees, dead animals, and cars along the way. The one thing that remains the same was the fact that I had a destination. When it comes down to dreaming, having goals, and wanting a stress free better life I must take a different approach. I not only must pray my way through, I must follow instruction when God tells me to go right by my GPS says go left, and trust the process. It’s time to change my way of thinking and viewing my life.

Instead of second guess and trying to figure out why to put a positive theory behind it. On one of the detours I took, the first thing I did was second guess the situation. I’m like come on now I’ve never had an issue on this road and there isn’t any construction, why am I going this way? Were the things I questioned. Then it hit me, I prayed before getting on this road, so I assumed God was protecting me from something. Bingo! It took me to have a change of thoughts to change my perspective on life. Instead of complaining and being upset, I need to sit back think about the situation and remember what I asked for. You would be surprised at how things happen.

What I’m saying is stop being mad that you missed something, or things aren’t going your way, or you had to take another route. Realize that it can either be for your protection or God is about to show you some things about your life. Whatever you do have faith!

How my mind changed:

  1. Destination: is my dreams.
  2. GPS: the goals I set to get to my dreams.
  3. Road: things I went through.
  4. Dead Animals: Everything that I should let go off just to get to my destination.
  5. Detour: God guidance, while teaching me to have faith.

Therefore, I say a road is a form of therapy. Be thankful for the detour your life took or is taking, you never know what bullet you dodge.

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