Time doesn’t mean they are loyal

This year alone I’ve learned that everything and everyone isn’t for you. I moved back to Minnesota to in June 2017. In the mist of that, I was met with past friendships that I had to let go of. It was as if God was showing me one-by-one why it was time to fall back from those people and focus on me and my daughter’s life.

Last Wednesday I blogged about forgiving yourself for holding onto pain and relationships. I had to realize that I wasn’t just talking about romantic relationships. But I was also talking about friendships as well. We could turn a blind eye to things our so-called friends do as well. Knowing that they aren’t the type of people we want in our circle but keeping them around as if they mean us any good. I guess this year God said enough and it was time to elevate you in the best way.

So many of us believe that because a person has been around us for over 3 plus years, “They are Loyal.”  I had to learn that, that’s far from the truth. Now and days your day 1’s or the cats you’ve been rocking with be the ones that cross you first. No matter how real of a friend you are they will either talk about you behind your back, hide behind jealous and envy or sleep with the person you in love with. Then have the nerve to be mad when everything has hit the fan. People don’t realize what’s done in the dark comes to the light. You could have said the littlest thing about your friend and trust me it will resurface.

Anyways! I’m one of those people that don’t let people go unless I’m forced to. I know how to turn the other cheek and still be cool. This year that didn’t work. I prayed for a few months about not only finding like-minded people to be around. But, I also prayed for those that didn’t mean me any good to be removed out of my life. God showed me, that almost every person in my life was truly only supposed to be here for a season. When I say people were dropping like flies. I was shocked because I didn’t prepare myself to be semi-alone.

Some of those friendships broke me because I was still too busy confusing time with loyalty. I just thought that you are supposed to treat people how you want to be treated. Nope, that wasn’t it. I even lost other friendship behind fighting some of those people’s battles and was confused as to why drama followed me. Since those people have been removed from my life, I feel refreshed. I may not have a lot of people to kick it with, but I do have my sanity and room for building real friendships.

Ways to figure out whether or not you have real loyal friends or not.

  1. Start paying attention to what is going on around you.
  2. Trust your first mind.
  3. Know and believe what you see.
  4. If they did it to them, trust and believe they would do it to you.
  5. Start preparing for what you prayed for.
  6. Don’t allow drama to consume your life.
  7. If they don’t support you, they not your friends.
  8. Time doesn’t mean someone is loyal.


3 Replies to “Time doesn’t mean they are loyal

  1. Great read!!

    I’m actually going thru this now with someone I called a sister. One fall out led to us no longer being friends. The disagreement was small and she was able to walk away so easily; which made me realize we weren’t friends from jump!! I prayed to god to reveal who is suppose to be in my life and who shouldn’t! I guess she was removed for a reason??‍♀️

  2. This is so true! Esp. in urban culture when we make our friends our family on the basis of longevity…. But really, we were just kicking with people, not that we were cool with or vibed with, but purely off of common grounds [culturally]. I really identified w/ this read.

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