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Welcome to my journey

I have been battling with self-doubt, depression, anxiety, the thoughts of giving up, and dealing with people who have been telling me I could be doing something different. The new year has taken me by surprise. I said that because I was so ready for success that I could taste it. I begin to allow things and people to come before me and my dreams. I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that I was losing everything I worked so hard for. I even stop working towards my dreams.

I had this mindset that once I started it would be easy to accomplish, I was wrong. So, wrong to the point that I literally realize I didn’t have a vision and didn’t know what I truly wanted, besides helping people. That is where most of my doubt stemmed from. See, in the midst of all this, I watched a sermon called “The Speed of Authority” preached by Pastor John Gray. If you don’t know him please go to YouTube and find out. This is by far my favorite Pastor. Well anyways during this sermon Pastor Gray begin to speak life over his congregation and his self. He says, “speak something crazy”, the people didn’t understand what he meant because he had to demonstrate to them. So, he then says “10 million dollars”, then goes to say “Y’all laughing and I’m serious, I need 10 million dollars for the vision, maybe even a billion.” This is what that did to me.

Not only was in my car crying, shouting and praising. I began to speak somethings crazy over my life. Like a great relationship with God, scholarships, a husband, business funding (NO LOANS), financial freedom, an outstanding support system, a successful business, and healthy family members. Then it clicked, for me to stay doubt-free I must speak life over myself, my business, my family, and friends. Once you start speaking you start believing. If you believe it could happen, then you will begin to make it happen. This is the beginning of my new journey. I will not allow doubt to get me down again. Also, no one will talk me out of my dreams.


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  1. Wow Is Is Amazing ! Im glad i can talk to you in person(: ?? Very Influential! Made Me Have A New Perspective In A New Light , Much Love ??

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