Sticking to the Diet

At the beginner of the year, we all made goals on what we would change for this year. This is an every year thing, however, most of us don’t stick with it. It’s as if it were only a thought. We know what we should work on but we are easy to give up and go back to our comfort zone. As we are making these New Year’s resolutions we aren’t being realistic with ourselves and set goals for what we will truly work towards. This year my New Year’s resolution was to be better than I was last year.

What area of your life are you having the hardest time being disciplined and motivated to achieve your goals? Are you telling yourself that it is okay to slack a little bit? Are you being honest with yourself? The answers to this question will determine how to focus and dedicated you are to your dreams and visions.

I believe that the hardest thing when it comes to change is sticking to the diet. You say to yourself not right now, I can eat a little, this won’t affect me, or it’s only once. Not knowing that it will cause you to backslide to where you began and you are wondering why you haven’t seen any results. If you don’t change your mindset towards your dreams and visions they will never happen. It’s time to take a step back and reflect on how you didn’t stick your diet.

Sticking to the diet means that you are fighting the urges, even when something else seems more appealing. You must change your mindset when it comes to the things you want to accomplish. Realize that sticking to your diet is a fight between the old you and the person you want to become. Who do you want to win? Being on this diet will teach you discipline and focus. Once you accomplish one thing you will be able to tackle and accomplish the next thing. You ought to realize that you decided you wanted more what you have and that comes with a price. The price is sticking to the diet and sacrificing whatever causes you to backslide.

No, sticking to your diet doesn’t only fall under eating healthy or losing weight. Your diet could be a not having the negative conversations, turning your homework in on time, setting a schedule for your goals or dreams, or anything you want to change your life. So, what is your diet?

Start telling yourself you got this! Even if you cry your way to the finish line, remember where you were and where your trying to go.

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