Preparing for the End of 2018!

What’s Next? 

As I talked about my dreams on Tuesday, I’m working on putting the dreams I discounted into place. For me it’s time to start focus on my true vision for my life and rewriting my story. Also, another focus is to get settled in my new place, be a great parent, and accomplish my dreams. While building a relationship with my God (Jesus Christ). Today I wrote out these questions for everyone to answer. So, I decided to answer these questions myself.


  • In what ways are you preparing for the end of 2018?
  1. I’m mapping out my vision.
  2. Creating a vision board for my new home.
  3. Putting my true dreams on it.
  4. No longer discounting my dreams.
  5. Work on saving a certain amount of money.
  6. Completing a business plan for new venture.
  7. Get ready for my One year Anniversary for blogging.
  8. Studying and implementing better Email marketing skills.
  • How do you plan on focusing your mind?
  1. I plan on finding a place (Library) to work. Maybe other places.
  2. I will be doing a few types of journaling.
  3. My planner is going to be used for more creative planning.
  4. I will be watching what I spend my time on daily.
  5. Listening to relax/study music; while working.
  • Are you in the process of changing your situation?
  1. Yes! I realized that for me to get what I want in life, I must change my mindset. Being negative doesn’t cost you anything. But working daily to have a positive mindset will be hard. To get out of those situations I need to change the way I think about myself and the situations I’m in.
  2. My spiritual life has a lot to do with my change in attitude and how I’ve been able to learn new things about myself. So, with this I will be consistently changing my thoughts and focusing on living in my truth, even if it hurts.


  • Are you loving yourself more?
  1. Crazy thing is, I am. It’s been hard learning to love myself. My past has a lot to do with why I didn’t love myself in the first place. Sometimes you have to dig deep and allow yourself healing to be able to love yourself. In this time I’m working on living in my truth and focusing on what needs to be changed.
  2. Also, I put myself first and it feels so good. At first I wouldn’t put myself first, I didn’t believe I was worth being first in someone’s life. Now I tell myself daily that “I AM WORTH IT,” and baby believe me I truly believe it.
  • Do you have a vision on what you want your life to be like?
  1. I used to have my vision mapped out. However, I’m working on going through that and putting my true dreams down on paper. I’ve been selling myself short and not living to my fullest potential. Now, I’m not holding back. I will be changing what needs to be changed and focusing on implement my truth into my vision.
  • What’s going to be different in September for you?
  1. Honestly, I will be focus more. I will be going through a lot of healing. Loving myself more and catering to my needs is at the number 2 spot on my list of to-do’s. My relationship with God (Jesus Christ) will be powerful. By the end of September I will be in my own place and working a job. My blog will be consistent with great content. My vision is going to be not only written out around my house, but there will also be a vision board in my room.
  • Are you moving around from those toxic relationship?
  1. No, toxic relationship has the ability to live here. I want nothing but peace in my life and toxic relationships doesn’t come with peace.

Take time to answer these 6 questions and tell me what you come up with. 

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