Letter to the Ladies -Affirmations

Hey Beautiful,

I know that your past has caused you heartache and pain. I know that you’ve been battling self-esteem and confidence issues. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. I was in the same position and sometimes fall back into those feelings. I went through a miscarriage and was never the same after that. I would speak negatively to myself. I didn’t believe I was capable and my life took a turn after that. Years later I learned about affirmations and speaking them over myself. And that’s what I still do to this day.  I have times where I feel like I can’t and I just write positive things to myself and continue to tell myself “I AM CAPABLE.”  So, I’m writing this letter to give you a starter list of phrases you can begin telling yourself.

  • You are Beautiful
  • You are Smart
  • You are Courageous
  • You are Hardworking
  • You are an Overcomer
  • You are Worth Loving
  • You are Wife Material
  • You are Intelligent
  • You are Confident
  • You are Fearless
  • You are Amazing

These are a few affirmations you can start telling yourself to build yourself up. When you are having a hard day, start writing positive notes to yourself. It’s time to change how we think about ourselves. Remember that you are loved and capable.


Love Always,


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