It Only Has An Completed Date!

In February, I began what they call the second spring semester. I was nervous because it has been over two years since I’ve been back in school. I didn’t know If I could reach the goal that I set for myself. I was afraid I would fail in front of my daughter. So, to kick off the semester I began to speak nothing but positivity about it. Like: “Mariah you can do this, come up just a couple of pages left to read, or 3.0 GPA.” These reminders keep me going and it challenges me to think positive.
See I did two years of college fresh out of high school and during it, all had a baby. I moved back home and try to finish school there, that didn’t work. I wasn’t consistent as I used to be. I allowed my environment to get the best of me. I wasn’t truly ready to put mine all into my schooling. Then, when I got ready to go back to school, my family experienced death after death. The deaths left me in a deep depression and I didn’t know how to get out. Since June 2017, I’ve been working on finding myself, speaking life over myself, allowing myself to be around positive energy, and going to church to build my relationship with God. These things helped me find my why and began the renewing of my mind.
Over this weekend I received two passing test scores. Can you say proud, I honestly was stressed because test taking is a hard thing for me? However, I passed with an A and a B. I’m working hard to change my ways because I set this goal to get a 3.0 GPA. I set this goal and I’m putting my all in to accomplish it. Now, I choose to look at my school different and realize that this is me investing in myself.
Remember, I start my college career in 2010. Through all the things I’ve been through this is still one of my biggest dreams. And no matter what anyone should say or feel, I’m going to walk across that stage and get multiple degrees. All I think about is Eric Thomas saying, “A diploma doesn’t have a beginning date on it.” This is my motivation to keep going. That diploma won’t be a consistent reminder of the negativity I once was in, it will only show me where I’m going.

If you are just like me and slacked at your college career but you want to go back and finish school trust yourself and go.
What do you need to change to do better in school?
What is your why? (why are you going after this degree?
Have you changed your environment?
Are you supporting yourself or waiting for someone to support you?

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  1. I love love love this! I have had the same goals for years and once I started to reevaluate my life and those around me I began to soar I am knocking my goals out left and right at the moment. I really needed this read this morning

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