Dear self,

Lately I’ve been learning that things will happen the way they should.  I’ve been rushing things, so my circumstances could be better. I’ve pushed my dreams to the back and allowed my circumstances to define me. 

Today I’m writing this letter to motivate myself and others. No, I’m not past the season I’m in. However, I’m working hard to grow and allow God to define me. Also, I’m working towards bigger and better. See God has been taking me through some things and honestly I’ve been surprised at the things that He revealed to me. There is some things I’ve been holding on to and didn’t realize it was stunting my growth. 

You have to be honest with yourself.

Earlier, I heard Jhonni Blaze say on the Breakfast Club interview that “we are so quick to put on a front and say we love ourselves when we truly don’t.” Well I’m one of them. There is so much God has been healing me from that it’s crazy. I wouldn’t be able to admit that a few months ago. I’m seeing the areas in my life that I need to get healing and work on. 

So no I’m not perfect. No, I’m not always inspiring. I thought I lost who I was again. Beginning to go back into those same patterns for way back. Then people started texting me, emailing me, in my DM asking for advice and inspiration. It’s crazy because I didn’t think I was doing anything worth asking me for help. Then, I asked myself how could I inspired when I’m not even inspiring myself. Not knowing that was the devil’s way of stopping me. 

Being a Light

Writing these blogs and being transparent has been helping me help others. Someone once told me “I’m the one who helps bring the light out of people.” So with that I’m done being mediocre and I’m going to press past my depression.

If you don’t do what God called you to do how can those people you are supposed to help be brought to the kingdom? This question is my motivation!

I pray that everyone reading this realize that no matter where your at you are still able to. You can do anything you just have to walk by faith and not by sight. Don’t allow nothing to stop you. Find a way even in the hardest times. And if you have kids realize that they need you to be great. You don’t know who you were put on this earth to touch. Get out your head and comfort zone. IT IS TIME!


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