Go Down Your Own Path.

People look at other’s lives and believe, if they do the same thing the other person is doing – they should get the same results.  Nope! They are wrong! What’s intended for you is for you, there won’t be any short cuts and nobody else path will take you need to go. Stop doing what others are doing and expecting the same results/success they are receiving.

If Jay Z and Beyoncé put out an album no promotion or making, but they sell over a million records. That doesn’t mean you will have that same outcome, if you go their route. Before they got to a place where they could just drop an album and make sells, they had to work their asses off. They had to promote, gain a fan base, practice, write great music, and many other things. Jay Z and Beyoncé are at a place in life where they have enough fans to be able to drop album and reach a million sales. They just reaping the benefit of their hard work over the years. Don’t go doing the same as thing and expecting the same amount of sales or more.

My Story:

Recently I was listening to a few podcasts, trying to learn new things. One of the podcast talked about marketing and some of the things we should not do. I decided to implement those thing into my business and marketing strategy. Over a week course, by implementing this new marketing strategy my social media views went down 30 views that week. That was 30 less people clicking or liking my page, pictures, and commenting. I was so mad at myself because how could I be so dumb as to implement this cold turkey. However, I learned a valuable lesson. “Everything that works or somebody else may not work for me.” Look at me now sitting here trying to figure out how do I gain those viewers back. At least I know that marketing strategy wouldn’t work for me.


What I’m saying is don’t go do what the world is doing. People were looking for my daily quotes but I stop posting them. I also created a personal Instagram and honestly a blogger only needs one. The second Instagram too so much away from my business page to the point it left me speechless. There is two thing I’ve learn in this situation, 1.  Don’t try to rush your success and 2. Trust your process. This is your path you are taking. You can learn new things but understand it may not always work the same way. Do your research and keep focus on your own goals and outcomes.

5 Replies to “Go Down Your Own Path.

  1. I love this post so much. I haven’t posted to my own blog because I was following all the advice I read and getting no feedback. Sometimes I was halfdoing what I needed to do to make it a success. I think I was worried about judgement. Recently I’ve been working behind the scenes on a reboot. I’ll take your words as a sign from the Universe that I’m headed in the right direction. A million thanks

  2. Being you and doing you is the only thing that makes you yourself happy in the end and it doesn’t matter what other people think! I definitely agree with your post. Go down your own path!

  3. This post is niceeeeee!! It is definitely to straightforward!
    Most times I caught myself wanting to implement the same steps someone took to grow their blog, their social media, and even a journey that I am on, but with the constant reminder that someone’s Chapter 21 won’t be my Chapter 1… Have to put in the work and figure out what works best for you.
    This post is really informative and thank for sharing!

  4. absolutely, too much thinking of your goals might end up’ u not enjoying the journey. I believe everyone has their time, maybe not now but certainly it will come. I start to trust my own pathway! just keep pushing and dont stop!

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