Forgive and Take Your Power Back!

I notice that if I hold on to a what someone has done to me, it takes me forever to move on. The other day I was just writing and I wrote about being broken. Do you know how much energy it takes to be broken? It takes a lot of energy because I’m broken I don’t always have that energy. Two days ago, I had to figure out whether I forgive these people or allow them to leave me space in my head. I chose to forgive them and let situations go because I didn’t my energy was going to be over the roof. I’m taking my power back!

What does all this mean?

For me, forgiveness is one way for me to be happy. Holding on to the BS will continue to drain my energy and keep me in a negative place. I also sit back and analyze the situation. It’s like I must know where this issue stemmed from and why it caused me to be out of character. The more mature I become I learn that some things shouldn’t hurt my feelings that bad and I must learn to ignore it. One way to a happier life is forgiveness.

When you don’t forgive, what happens?

Holding on to the past will cause you to miss your blessings. I have been stuck on 3 different heartbreaks since they’ve happened. Honestly, I’m scared of relationships! Once there is any disloyalty, cheating or lying it makes you cautious about going into a relationship. I don’t want to feel that pain again. I don’t want to give anyone that much power over me to break me.

The sad thing is I pray for my husband daily and I truly believe that I will be getting married. How does that work when I haven’t forgiven or let go of the past? I don’t know, I just have faith that I will be ready for my husband. However, if I don’t move on past this brokenness I will miss my blessings (My husband). I’m not willing to miss out on my blessings! So if forgiveness helps me move out of my own way then that’s what I will be doing.

I conclude.

Don’t hold on to that negativity or pain. Allow yourself to heal and move on from it. You have too much going for yourself to miss your blessing because your angry and don’t want to forgive. I’m telling you now that it isn’t worth it. Those other people have moved on with their life and you sitting there with the hurt look on your face. Forgive and take your power back!

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  1. I needed this post, it was right on time for me! Forgiveness has always been something I struggled with and I know it only makes things worse when you hold on to the anger and hurt someone caused you. My mom always told me — “While you’re losing sleep over that person, they are out here living their best life not even thinking about you.” And what she said is so true! Thank you for this post sis!

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