Finding My Way!

When we are first born all the way up to our adolescent we don’t know why we are created. Let me take that back, some of us may but most don’t. We simply go through life with the attitude of our environment praying and wishing for something we truly want. By the time we turn 20 we are either off at college, in the streets, working a 9-5, or sleeping at our parent’s house. Still wondering what is our point on this earth. Questioning why us or what should I be doing?

The Discovery:

On July 18, 2018, there was a situation that caused me to become very upset. I took a walk, that didn’t work. I ended up talking to two females from my job and OMG. Prior to this, I was praying for clarity almost every day and that day it was finally given. Both of the young ladies were so motivational it didn’t make sense. They were saying everything I needed to hear and more. However, the one thing that I got from them was the clarity that I’ve been asking for. My first name is Mariah. Now My Mother originally named me Charmaine, but my Big Mama wasn’t playing any games and changed the name to Mariah before they left the hospital. Now, remember Mariah.

To my surprise on this day, God gave me the clarity I needed. One of the young ladies said, “Did you know that your name means teacher?” I was stuck because I honestly never paid attention to the meaning of my name. When I was younger, my siblings and I used to play school and now I’m always trying to teach someone, something new. It was mind-blowing because this is a part of my why and if I didn’t ask for clarity, I probably would have never known. Now, all I think about is my name mean something and it’s time to conquer that title.  I’m learning my why, by staying in tune with God, focusing on what I love, and implementing it into my business. How are you learning about your why?

What is your why?

Do you know your purpose?


2 Replies to “Finding My Way!

  1. Great article that bears lot of truths. I am 38 years old, living at home with my folks and half siblings. Last year November 2017, I quit my full-time job, which I hated to blog full-time, which was not a very good move, because I am still at it, hustling, honing my craft and eventually, the job I quit last year has called me back. Finding my purpose, I am still working on it – do hope I find it before I leave this Earth.

    1. I don’t think I’ve found my purpose completely. I feel like I’m a step closer though. For me, it’s been hard trying to find my way. I’m happy for the experience because it allowed me to learn more about myself. Did you go back to your previous job and why? What do you love to do? What makes you happy? Your purpose could be right in front of you. Start exploring.

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