Feeling defeated vs being defeated

Feeling defeated and being defeated is two different things.

Recently I had someone try and steal everything from me. They tried to steal my joy, peace, happiness, faith, and positive mind. Getting me fired from work was their goal because I qualified for a position they want. So, instead of fighting for that position, they would much rather get rid of the competition.

Yesterday I felt defeated. Why? Well, I couldn’t react like I used to or wanted to. What does that mean? That means that I couldn’t use my anger in any way to retaliate back at them. I could have confronted them, used my hands and feet by fighting them. There were so many ways I could have handled it. But, I couldn’t let them win by reacting those ways.

I had to find a different way to go about this situation. Finding other ways to deal with this situation was hard. I watched them try to provoke me and get mad but it didn’t work. I watch them stare at me so hard when I walked through the door. They were in shock because they thought their planned work and I was fired. Happy to say their plan didn’t work.

When I say being defeated is different from feeling defeated it is.

I would have been defeated in this situation is by reverting to my old ways, by allowing my anger to handle this situation. However, because I had to use my resources and handled it differently is the reason behind me feeling defeated. See feeling defeated stems from me battling with who I want to be and who I used to be. I couldn’t allow this situation to knock me 10 steps back and I have developed so much growth.

I battled with how I should handle the situation and once I made the right decision it felt so good. It felt good to know that feeling defeated wears off after so long, I still have my job, and they didn’t accomplish their goal. So, what I’m saying is trust yourself enough to know that you are growing. This won’t be easy and the devil will try you along the way. Overcoming defeated is by continuing to grow.

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