Don’t Give Up!

When we say that we will give up, 9 times out of 10 we will still deal with those issues. So how can we give up on something that may never go away unless we handle it?

I asked myself this question. Like Mariah either way it goes this problem will remain. What are you honestly giving up on? Yourself? God (higher power)? Your growth? What? The moment I give up means that I’m giving up on God. At that point I will no longer believe God will provide for me. Being too busy trying to do it on my own and still wondering why it doesn’t work.

We always want to give up. We act as if it giving up means the issue is fixed. 

I was saying I wanted to give up because I was sick of the trial I’ve been going through. They were starting to get the best of me mentally, physically, and emotionally. Like what is really going on? When will it be my time? I called myself a failure and was regretting some decisions I made. Just because the going got tough. Life isn’t easy at all and to understand where you are going, you will go through stuff. I wanted things to go my way, but it wasn’t. Not being in control was driving me crazy to the point where giving up just seemed so right.

In my time of just feeling like giving up I knew that I needed a few things. These things helped me get out of the give up mindset and encourage myself more to continue to push through.

Ways to help you from giving up. 

• A community of people. These people should be trustworthy. They should want your best interest at heart. You need people who will pray with you and for you. People who have a relationship with God. Those that know you and your struggles. Someone who care.
• Prayer life. Even when I didn’t feel like it, I still prayed. Tell God (higher power) how you feel all the time. Don’t hide anything because He already knows. Also make sure your casting all my cares.
• Inspirational Speakers. Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, and Ted Talks.
• Time with Higher Power.

We tend to look past the good things that are happening in our lives, only seeing the things that are going wrong. We don’t never acknowledge the truth or what is. IT IS TIME: to look past the wrong and see what is going right in our lives. How could you give up when all these things are going right? Just because you didn’t get your way in this other thing doesn’t mean your life isn’t worth fighting for.

  • Why give up now, when you came this far?
  • Why are you allowing the bad to overshadow the good?
  • When do you say enough is an enough and this fight isn’t over?
  • What else must go good for you to notice that you are BLESSED?
  • How do you take the lodge out your eyes and see what’s right in front of you?

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  1. Well said. This post is perfectly timed for me. I’m a blogger to and noticed the progress I used to have has taken a turn and wondered, should I shut it down? But then there are those few folks who remain loyal and tell me how much my content inspires them and they look forward to it weekly. It had me thinking, perhaps not give up, just change direction. Often times we don’t see the blessings among the chaos like you mentioned. Time to look at the situation with a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective to get you through.

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