Don’t discount your dreams.

Do you have a dream or dreams, but think you are incapable of succeeding at them?

This was me! There are some dreams I have and honestly for a long time I didn’t think I was worth them or could even succeed at it. WOW! I know right. I also had those type of thoughts about myself and my capabilities. I would pursue something less than my dream and wonder why it wasn’t working out the way I intended.

Let me tell you:

If you don’t pursue what you really want, trust me you won’t be happy. Sometimes things we want isn’t always in place by our desires but was placed by God’s (Jesus Christ) will. The very dream that you are discounting, could have been a part of your breakthrough or better yet putting you in place to help someone else. You never know what blessings you’re blocking by taking the shortcut path. What bothers me the most about this is, I was the person discounting my dreams and taking another route. I didn’t realize that my dreams are a part of my calling, until now.

When you’ve been through failure in life or you’ve heard “no you can’t accomplish that,” your mindset because negative towards your true desires. When you think you’re incapable, you are watering down your purpose. Staying in your comfort zone where nothing is accomplished, will not help you get to where you want in life. I’ve been stuck in my comfort zone because I wasn’t doing the things that would cause me to harder work and think more, which would require me to live in my truth. I was only touching the surface of things. I wasn’t being true to myself because I discounted these dreams.


“Dreams are real and all you have to do is just believe.”  -Ashanti

What can you do?

Dreaming is believing that the very thing you want you can achieve. To get the success you want, you must be willing to believe you deserve it. Believing is the key to making your dreams come true.


  1. When you believe you work harder towards the very thing your believing in.
  2. Believing in a form of the mindset.
  3. Believing is saying, I am capable.
  4. You’re trusting that it’s for you.
  5. Is saying “I AM FEARLESS.”

Do Not Discount Your Dreams!

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  1. What a great motivational post. This really resonates with me at this point in my life. I’m currently working on my personal passions and dreams to make income from my passions. You are so right about hard work. I think it’s so much more work than we may realize but so worth it in the end. You cannot put a price on happiness. Well said. Keep on believing and don’t give up.

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