I couldn’t understand why I was so tired and feeling lazy. Not realizing that through all the trials and tribulations, depression came into my life and took got the best of me. Yes, Me! I’ve been diagnosed with serve depression since 2013 when I lost my second child. There are times when I’m good and times when I’m at my worse. It’s like I can’t shake the depressed feeling or the emotional imbalance.

Where am I now?

Recently, I’ve sunk into a bad depression episode. My mind shuts down, my body stays tried, and I have no energy to do anything. It’s like as much as I have things planned to do I don’t want to do them. I would rather sleep to help with the tiredness or just read a book until I fall asleep. Even working a 9-5 is hard because throughout the day my body tries to drift off into one of those depressed modes. I don’t know where this depression episode stemmed from, which is making it hard for me to be able to overcome it.

I’ve tried a few different medications but they didn’t work. One had me ready to commit suicide the other one left me emotionless. How could they give me medication that still mentally affected me? I just couldn’t believe it. Seeing a therapist, but due to her busy schedule its super inconsistent, so there wasn’t anything really solved. There is a mental health worker that comes and sees me weekly, its good but that’s also not effective. So I’m trying all these different things but I’m still depressed. So, as of this week, I’m going to come up with 6 different things on top of my weekly visit to help me overcome depression.

Overcoming Depression:

  1. 4-5 days at the gym.
  2. Post/write and say daily Affirmation.
  3. Take one-two St. John Worts vitamin daily. (plant based)
  4. Have at least one positive conversation daily.
  5. Journal & Pray daily

Over the next 4 weeks, I will be trying these things. I will be writing a review on how the different things helped me through my depression. I’m excited to try these things and see how they will help me through the depression. I’m also happy to be doing something.


If you suffer from depression try these things with me. Let’s get our MENTAL HEALTH BACK!

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