Dear Procrastination,

You that I am trying to do better in life and you are bothering me. You are by far one of my worst enemies. I always tell myself you can do it another day or later, not knowing that another day or later wasn’t coming. You have caused me to be behind on my business, my life goals, and school; just because you tell me it’s okay to put things off for another time. Now, I’m telling you that you can’t have my life. There are things you can’t be a part of. Truthfully, I’m going to do everything in my power to overcome you.

So, I came up with 4 ways to overcome procrastination. These are the representation of the 4 things I will be implementing in my life for the next 21 days. You see it takes 21 days to gain a new habit and I need new habits to be successful in life.

Here are 4 ways I will overcome my procrastination issue:

  1. Setting weekly/daily smart goals.
  2. Find 2-3 accountability partners.
  3. Make a list of my priorities. READ DAILY!
  4. Create and post my reward system.

These fours things are in place to help me get intentional about my life, what I want, and overcoming procrastination. I can’t only say what I want, I must put action with it. Procrastination your time is up. You can no longer be with me anymore. I know it will be hard to let you go, but if I don’t I won’t change.  Time to go!


Thanks for Nothing,



P.S., To all the read makes sure you’re here on Saturday for an update on how the progress of overcoming procrastination is going. Also, if you have any questions email me at



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