Are You Hungry For Your Dreams?

How much do you want your dream?

Going after my dream is something that I’ve been working on for a year now. This year has been the beginning of my learning process. I have read books, wrote a feasibility plan, network with others, been to events, and learned how important consistency is. So, when I say this is just the beginning, trust me this is just the beginning. One thing I learned is that, I’m my biggest critic and to be honest I always feel like I don’t go hard enough when it comes to my dreams. Why do I feel like that? I work a 9-5, I’m a mother, and I learned that I have some health complications. So, I’ve almost had to slow down on my dreams to get some things in order.

Whenever I go on social and get the messages about how good of a blog it was or people telling me that the daily quotes are helping them. I know that I must keep going. The question is how much do I want it. See, my dreams fuel me to keep going. The dreams that I have, has taught me about being a better person. I don’t want my dreams. I NEED MY DREAMS!

How big are your dreams?

My dreams scare me! I reread them and think to myself how can I make this work? One of my dreams is to reach over a million people all over the globe. I’m like Mariah come on how could you do that you are only blogging and you currently live in Minnesota? I realize to reach over a million people I need implement new things, continue to be consistent with my blog, and network around the world/globe. This is just one of my dreams.

Another dream is to travel to some of my favorite countries and be a speaker at some events. I want to go to Kenya, Bangkok, Paris, Dubai, and cover the whole USA just to name a few. I also want to be honored by Essence for my skills to motivate and help others. When I first began to dream it wasn’t anything compared to this. I always sold myself short and thought I couldn’t accomplish my wildest dreams. But I listen to Eric Thomas say you must dream big, and I begin to think outside of the box. I had to ask myself is that a dream or a comfort zone?

How hungry are you to get to your dream?

Living my life in my comfort zone isn’t an option. I want to be able to live my best life. I cut some of my workout days to add more days to focus on my dreams. I’ve been working and learning how to time management. I follow other bloggers, makeup artists, life coaches, social workers, and influencers. I follow them to learn and to also be in a community with like-minded people. The only way I can make my dreams come true is by researching, doing, and promoting. Being consistent has a lot to do with accomplishing my dreams. I’ve implemented a blog and email schedule that I stick to, that is going to help me be consistent and gain a following. I create 90-day plans to map out everything that needs to be completed before the next quarter. This will also help me stay on track.

There were some sacrifices that I had to make, like not talking on the phone during the week, cutting off friendships that weren’t growing, changing the type of conversations I have, finding other like-minded women to talk to, and becoming a great accountability partner. Also, my relationship with God has become #1 in my life. You can’t allow anyone or anything to hold you back. For you to accomplish what you want in life you should make the necessary changes. I’m hungry for my dreams and the only way for me to accomplish them is by sacrificing.

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  1. I enjoyed this post and I believe in living your dreams.. Hungry hmm always and getting full off of mines?

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