A Man Will Do What You Allow.

You can’t say that you want something but will allow someone to give you the total opposite. It’s like having standards but not using them. I know the concept of letting go may not always make sense. However, if that person doesn’t align with your value, standards, or beliefs you must let them go.

I’m still having a hard time dealing with this. There are people in my life and I just think like “Mariah what are you doing.” To be honest I’m just living a not caring life when it comes to men. Now, why would I do that? Honestly, I’m going through a healing process and I’m learning what my true standards and beliefs are after God is releasing these strongholds off me. So, at the time I see the BS coming from a person but I don’t feed into it because I’m in my healing process. 

Now, I’m not out here just being dumb. I just haven’t let go of people that don’t serve me no purpose. I’m still just allowing them to linger in my life when I know I need to put my foot down. When you are going through a healing process God tends to show you why things are the way that they are. For a long time, I’ve said what I wanted but allowed another. How does that work? News flash, IT DOESN’T!

If a man tells you he is done with his girlfriend or baby mama or wife. Don’t believe him! ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS.


Why would you even believe that? Why are you even dealing with him and he in a relationship? Have you been hurt before by a man? So, why would you participate in hurting another woman? 

You will look up and he right back with her. But you are telling your friends he the one for you. If he is cheating and always entertaining other women, let him go. A man will continue to play with your heart if you allow it. You can’t be mad at him all the time when you allowed him to come back each time and play the same game. What happened to your standards?


I know it’s not easy to just up and leave what makes you comfortable. Ask yourself this, is the damage on your heart and mind worth it? You know there are men out there that would love you through everything and protect you. Instead, you pick a person that will only damage you. Don’t allow a man to get comfortable hurting you. Put your foot down and stand up for yourself.

Go to your High power and ask for guidance. The man that was created for you, will give you a love that you won’t be able to understand. He won’t play with your feelings or mind. He would uplift you and protect you. Start preparing for this man.

Be careful ladies, you want to heal not create more damage to heal from.

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