A Letter To Me!


The strongest person needs motivation to. You have taken time off to relocate and get things settled, now it’s time to jump right to it. You have so much to offer the world and no time to waste. Begin monitoring the goals you set. Start studying the things you want to implement. Read self-development books. Learn something new daily and write about it. And make sure you consistently show gratitude. Speak life over yourself and your dreams. And never give up!

Things are happening in your life to set you up for greatness. Instead of talking about the negative, you need to find the good in the bad situations and learn from it. Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t allow people to validate you and what you’re doing. Take this moment to love yourself more, pursue your dreams, accomplish each goal, and learn new things. You got this! Success was created for you! You have the power to change your situation for the greater good! It’s Time! You are an overcomer and you need to remember that.

Remember “YOU’RE WORTH IT”

Love Always,


Reason Behind the Letter

Last year I learned about motivational letters. A motivational letter is a letter that you write to yourself, to encourage yourself. I actually wrote a blog on these motivational letters. Make sure you check it out.  http://dreamwithconfidence.com/motivational-letter/

Recently, I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged. I became so consumed with my circumstances, that it caused me to want to give up. Today I received a message from a friend telling me that I needed to figure out how to stay motivated. Then it clicked, I was going through this phase because I wasn’t motivated. I was to busy motivating others to the point where I didn’t realize I needed motivation myself. So, these letters are my motivation even if I’m writing them myself. 

How are you staying motivated? 

What methods are you currently taking to stay motivated? 

Answer these questions in the comments and let’s discuss other ways we can stay motivated. 

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