Gaining Peace!

Dear Self,

I wake up this morning feel like things I my life is going to change for the better. These last few weekends I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out one of my sisters in Christ. It amazes me that some of the very issues that I’m dealing with she is in the process of overcoming. Isn’t it funny how life works? You would be put in a place where the people around you are elevating, and you are still dealing with the same circumstance. My question to you is, would you be genuinely happy for them or just be around to see what you don’t have?

 I was amazed at myself because honestly, I thought that bitterness would form in my heart as I was helping my sister move from one place to another. But it didn’t. Helping her move allowed me to realize that God will make a way. No matter what you are lacking He will come thru. At first, I don’t think I truly believe that. But once I saw it for my own eyes I was like yep, He will provide. So even though my circumstance hasn’t changed my mindset has.


There are so many times in life that we could change what we are thinking but we don’t. We would rather be bitter and negative instead of looking at the things right before our eyes. For this week I ask for peace among you all. The type of peace that will let you be okay with what you’re going through and help you have better thoughts about it. Peace that will leave you genuinely happy and selfless. Don’t let what someone else is getting make you bitter. What you are asking for may not come in the same form but if you believe it will come.

This week take moments to speak life into your circumstances. Don’t allow them to have you feeling less then. Pray to your higher power for peace. Also, don’t just sit and allow your circumstances to consume you. Stand up and take authority over them and make moves. I mean do what you need to get to where you want to go.

I love you dearly,

Have a blessed week!

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