5 Steps to Begin Loving Yourself!

The why. 

There are too many of us women out here who are falling short in the loving yourself department. We are too busy trying to love others believing they would love and cherish us. During different stages of my life I learned that I would put myself in positions believing that it would gain me the love I long for. Well, that was so wrong. These people couldn’t love me if they wanted to why because I didn’t love me. I didn’t cherish me. I wasn’t putting myself on a pedestal. Why did I expect for other’s to do something I was unable to do for myself? Normally, that’s how it goes.

It’s time to change that. It’s time to begin the process of loving thyself. 

-Mariah Thompson-Bills


  • Reveal the false lies you’ve been telling yourself. This would consist of going back in time and figuring out where the issues stem from. What was the cause of those lies? Who was involved when you formed those lies in your mind? Did you seek a higher power (GOD) to help you through this process? This is the moment where things will get serious and you would be surprised at the lies you were believing.
  • Be willing to feel the pain and take responsibility of your feelings. As people we don’t like to be go through pain. We don’t realize that to be healed or begin to love ourselves that the truth will hurt some. You should start praying over your feelings. Our feelings may hold a lot of pain in them as well, so the best way to help get through those feelings would be praying. If you don’t believe in a higher power write about your feelings. The first two steps are going to take time, because there is no telling what all you are holding on to.

Steps 3-5:

  • Speak life over yourself. That means you need to speak truth into those lies you were believing. I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM WORTHY, I AM AN OVERCOMER, I AM A BLESSINGS, I AM LOVED AND I AM COURAGEOUS. Those are just a few I use. You can always go on Pinterest.com and find different affirmation that will speak life into you.
  • Set boundaries. You have limitations and you need to make them known. You will not go out of your boundaries for anyone. You have to make sure that you are taking care of self before anything. These boundaries will be put in place to stop yourself from allowing anything less then what you deserve.
  • Be you. Learn to be comfortable with being yourself. Don’t change to fit other people. Trust yourself enough to know that the right people will come around and accept you for you.

Here are 5 steps to begin loving yourself. Remember, this is a process and it isn’t going to be easy. Write about this journey.

2 Replies to “5 Steps to Begin Loving Yourself!

    1. It is hard, when you don’t know what love truly is. But I’ve been finding my identity in God and learning to love myself during this journey. I’m glad you love this post.

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