Can You See Your Vision?

There is always a bigger picture. You should know why you are doing something and where can it take you. In those moments where you don’t have a vision, your honestly just living life with no destination.

Recently, I realized that all the goals I’ve been completing didn’t really get me nowhere. I knew I wanted more in life but I didn’t have the vision for it. Just think I’m completing all these goals and still didn’t manage to accomplish anything. It was like I was stuck. I needed to take a step back and think about what I want and where I am trying to go in life. Why was this so hard?

The Root:

Are you the type that dream little, knowing that you want more? Well, that’s how I was. This caused my vision to be blurry, why because I knew I wanted something. However, I just took a small portion of what I wanted, instead of taking the whole thing. I couldn’t see the more that I wanted. I always second guessed myself and my capabilities. Besides the fact that I had dreams, I didn’t know I needed to see a vision to my dreams as well. Here I was creating goals and didn’t even know where I was destined to go.


 A few days ago, I was listening to The Bombshell Diaries Podcast, and the topic was about hitting the reset button on your brand. Kyshira dropped so many gems when it came to get ready for the second half of the year. One thing she states was for us to look at our beginning of the year goals and determine if we made progress, if the vision is still the same, and what changes we needed to make. The podcast had me ready to reset.

However, I became upset because I couldn’t find my beginning of the year goals. Like I didn’t have them anywhere and I was just lost like come on now Mariah I know you wrote some. Well honestly, I didn’t write any. How was I setting all these goals with no vision in mind, I can’t tell you? My issues was the fact that I didn’t believe enough in myself to look passed me just blogging. I didn’t think I would help a few people along the way. Blogging is my therapy! I didn’t look to much into the business part of blogging.

The Solution:

Now, as of today I not only wrote out my dreams. I broke my blogging dream down into the vision I see for it. Then prayed over it and began to write my goals based on the vision. Finally I have a destination to look forward too. Writing out these goals and knowing that there is somewhere I’m trying to go with this, keeps me from being stuck. The bigger picture is everything.


  1. What’s your big picture?
  2. What goals are you setting, so that you can reach your dreams?
  3. Are you sacrificing to get there?
  4. Do you even know what your dreams are?

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