You can Finish School.

Who called you a failure because you quit school?

After my second year of college, I played around with school. I was no longer in the presence of those that supported me. I was a mother of a one-year-old, and I was working to make ends meet. So, I gave up on school I wasn’t getting good grades or connecting with the right people. I had a teacher tell me I could be Social Worker, and I believed it. Then, I was accepted into a private school for my academics and ended up failing out. And let’s not forget the relationship I was in, the person that couldn’t support, protect or provide. My college life has been a whirlpool and I completely quit. Yes, at a time in my life I felt like a failure and I ended up quitting.


This finally turned around for me, I am going back to school. My dreams of being a social worker and graduating from an HBCU is in the process of coming true. It took a lot for me to get intentional about my life and my education. There are things that I still lack and honestly, I’m praying my way through them.

People feel like if they don’t do it now it may never happen. Going back to school is possible. You still have the opportunity if you are alive to complete school. When I say school I’m not just talking about college, that includes high school and GED program. There are a few things you should do when you make the decision to go back to school:

  1. Understand and write down why you are going back to school.
  2. Find you an honest, trustworthy, positive, and supportive accountability partner.
  3. Speak with the school counselor and learn what is expected of you; so that you reach your goal.
  4. Write a letter to yourself that will motivate you in those times you don’t feel like it.
  5. Let go of your past and what you didn’t do. Start celebrating what you are doing.
  6. Write down 5 things you (“WANT”) and create a system to reward yourself.
  7. Come up with a study schedule and location. STICK TO IT!
  8. Get involved in a positive group to help motivate you.
  9. Stay in connect with your teachers/professor daily/weekly.
  10. SAVE! Use resources to help you save and maintain your livelihood while going back to school.
  11. Explain to your children what you are doing. Tell them why it’s important to finish school or what you started.

These are just some ways to get intentional about going back to school. Don’t get me wrong this is not an easy process. You may have to turn your phone off and go to a quiet place just to get work done. Just remember you are taking the steps to better your future. This will not defeat you Your past holds no power over you. You can finish school and be the person you can be.


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